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The production process technology of aluminum sheet

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The production process technology of aluminum sheet by professional aluminum manufacturer.Aluminum alloy is widely used, different uses of aluminum alloy products processing technology is also different.

The first step of aluminium alloy sheet production is in the ingredients. According to the type of information materials, specifications and color choice, and then cut.
The second step is to cut. Aluminum cutting, adjust the size cut a little bit, check whether the match. Then cut the aluminum metal sheet. Cut from left to right, from top to bottom to ensure that the direction is accurate. After the inspection, then place the aluminum plate in a clean place. 
The third part is planing slot. Aluminum planing groove attention must be processed single map for the second confirmation shape. Prevent mistakes. 
The fourth is bending. This time be careful not to repeat the bend, this is mainly to prevent aluminium alloy sheet metal sheet fatigue damage and can not be used. 
The fifth step is the panel reinforcement. Do not damage the panel finish. 
The final step is to check before aluminium sheet leaving the factory to ensure the correct production according to the drawings.

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