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8011 1060 aluminum alloy plate be applied to bottle cap material

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8011 aluminum alloy plate is the main material of the anti-theft bottle cap material, 8011 aluminum foil has a good deep-drawing properties, low ear ear rate, the 8011 aluminum alloy bottle cap material aluminum after hardening has a certain strength, making it more consistent bottle cap material request. 

The main alloying elements of the 8011 aluminum alloy are Fe and Si, and the rest are trace impurities. After melting, casting, soaking, hot rolling, cold rolling, intermediate annealing, cold rolling, straightening, - Slitting live cross-cutting --- packaging, the final aluminum alloy molding. 
In addition to the 8011 aluminum plate is the aluminum cap materials, 1060 aluminum alloy plate sheet can also be applied to the bottle cap material. The two are compared, 1060 alloy aluminum plate is a combination of aluminum and plastic cap system, because the aluminum-plastic combination will contact the bottle In the liquid, so most are applied to the cosmetics industry, but also part of the application to the pharmaceutical industry. 8011 aluminum is generally used a direct stamping forming system cover, the alloy 8011 aluminum performance is more superior. Aluminium printing sheet and aluminum bottle cap material is a new type of bottle cap sealing material, which not only has the characteristics of beautiful and easy to open, but also prevents the counterfeit goods. Therefore, at home and abroad to its prevention applied to beverage bottles, bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicines and other sealed packaging.

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